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It's finally here!

You can now grab your copy.

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Niwatha Mathy
Author, Podcaster & Mental Health Advocate

It took me over two years to deliver this to you. I hope it helps you understand the importance of mental health, expressing your thoughts and feelings, and accepting yourself and others for who they are.

Dr Peter Slater_edited.jpg

Dr Peter Slater,
A Child and Adult Psychotherapist

This is a very helpful book that provides awareness of mental health conditions that can impact on the lives of children their friends and family. 

Niwatha has also produced a book that not only recognises difference and diversity within our community, but actually celebrates our differences. Two excellent reasons for children, adults and schools to share the reading from this excellent book.


Lilla Horvath,

A very thoughtful and carefully crafted book that I'm proud to have visually contributed to. 

I hope it will inspire empathy and constructive conversations about mental health among its readers. 


Dr Olena Edwards,

Timely and most needed little book to help our communities cultivate awareness, tolerance, kindness and empathy in the minds and hearts of our growing children

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